Tagboard Producer is a storytelling suite that gives you a cloud-based control room to build your timeline, and control every piece of content in real time. 

Once you've featured content on your moderation dashboard, you're ready to visualize your story! Click "display" in the upper right of your moderation dashboard.

This will bring up a list of your pre-built Themes to choose from. If you haven't built any Themes, you can get started by clicking here. Click "Open Tagboard Producer" in the bottom left corner. You can always access Producer directly by going to producer.tagboard.com.

If this is your first time visiting Producer, you will be prompted to sign in to your Tagboard account. Once you sign in, you can click "Create a new production" or launch one of your pre-existing timelines.

NOTE: If you are a team member on multiple Tagboard accounts, be sure to select the proper team from the account dropdown.

Building your timeline

Tagboard Producer uses a simple drag & drop workflow to build your timeline.

1. Start by selecting Display Themes from the menu in the upper left of your screen. Drag and drop display Themes onto your timeline. You can mix and match any variety of Themes.

2. Once you've loaded Themes onto your timeline, click on Tagboards to access your featured social content. Drag and drop social posts onto a display theme to cue up your story. You can also drag and drop the entire Tagboard onto your Theme, instead of individual social posts, if you want all content to populate on your display.

3. Customize and reorder your timeline by dragging and dropping individual posts or entire display themes. TIP: Use the magnifying slider to make longer timelines more manageable.

Smart Panels

You can expand your visual storytelling capabilities with Smart Panels, to include interactive content not found on major social media networks. This can include hashtag polls, leaderboards, heatmaps, countdown clocks, Vimeo, YouTube, and more.

Once you've created Smart Panels, click on the "Smart Panels" tab in the upper left of Producer. You will be able to access any Smart Panels built on your Tagboard account. Simply drag and drop selected Smart Panels onto your timeline.


You can also expand your storytelling in Tagboard Producer using Tagboard's cloud-based graphics engine. You have the flexibility to build custom graphic templates in an intuitive builder.

Connecting a screen

1. On your Tagboard Producer dashboard, click on the screen icon in the upper right corner.

2. Name your screen (ie. studio main screen, or center field display) then click on Create display URL. This will automatically create a URL that you can copy and paste into another screen as your display.

3. Alternatively, you can connect your screen using a code on your display device. Click on the Connect using code tab. Name your screen and visit live.tagboard.com on your display device to generate a custom passcode unique to this screen.

4. Enter the unique code into Tagboard Producer to automatically connect your screen. 

Your connected screens will act as a mirror of the preview window on your production. Any changes you make to your timeline will automatically be synced with your connected screens. There is no need to refresh your display.

Tagboard Producer will remember the connected screens, so the next time you are ready to go live just click manage screens to bring the appropriate screen online.

Live controls

You can control which post is displayed in the preview window and on your display screen by clicking directly on any post in the timeline. You can also utilize Tagboard Producer's controls:

  1. Background Color Picker: Select the background for overlay displays (ie. lower third or side slab). By default, the background will be transparent. If you are using a chroma key, you can change the background to a green screen or any custom color.
  2. Lock your production: Tagboard Producer allows you to produce in real time, even while the timeline is live. When your production is locked, you will be able to advance between existing posts, but you will not be able to add new posts to your timeline or reorder your content.
  3. Audio controls: Mute and un-mute your entire timeline
  4. Loop Timeline: After final post is displayed the timeline restarts from the beginning.
  5. Total Run Time: View the total run time and elapsed time for videos (and images in play mode, based on your set cycle speed).
  6. Play: Automatically cycle through your timeline without clicking through posts. Videos will play out entirely before advancing to the next post. You can control the cycle speed for images. When the timeline is in "play mode", the timeline is automatically locked.
  7. Go Forward: Advance to the next post, without auto-playing video
  8. Go Forward and Play: Advance to the next post and auto-play the video
  9. Minimize Timeline: Use the magnifying slider to minimize or expand the individual items on your timeline.
  10. Clear Timeline: Click to clear all elements (Themes, Social Content, Smart Panels, and Graphics) on your timeline.

Have questions on how to get your Tagboard story live on your screen? We've got you 💪🏼 Check out our live display technical requirements.

Final checklist before you go live 🎬

  • Check your Internet connection - the faster the better! Tagboard is all cloud-based, so we recommend at least 20mbps
  • Set the computer you are using to run your display to never go to sleep or show the screen saver
  • Enter "do not disturb" mode and disable any popups
  • Chrome is our browser of choice. If you will be using any audio from your display, configure your browser to make sure you get sound. Go to chrome://settings/content/sound. Add these websites to allow audio to play by default: https://live.tagboard.com, https://display.tagboard.com, https://producer.tagboard.com 
  • Enter fullscreen mode so you don't see the toolbar. Click "View" in the top toolbar, then "Enter Full Screen". Make sure the option to "Always Show Toolbar in Full Screen Mode" is not checked.
  • Have a great show!

Have additional questions? Contact your Account Manager directly or email Support@tagboard.com. 

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