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How to create a Tagboard and feature content to tell your story

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Think of tagboards like individual folders that help you organize your valuable content. Each folder can be custom-tailored to populate in real-time, with the content that matters most to you.

STEP 1: Create a tagboard

Click Create Tagboard in the upper right corner of your dashboard. Give your tagboard a title and an optional description (to help you organize even more). Select Create Tagboard.

STEP 2: Feature Content

There are 5 ways to bring content into your tagboard dashboard, to visualize in your story. Select the solution below that fits your workflow best:

  1. Create a Content Feed: If you want to track a #hashtag or @username for an ongoing time (ie. during your campaign, game, or show), this is the way to go. Setup filtered content feeds by network that automatically feed into your dashboard, all in real time.

  2. Search Twitter: This allows you to perform rapid-fire Twitter searches by #hashtag, keyword, or @handle. Great for searching hyper-specific content during breaking news or mid-game.

  3. Feature Post by URL: If you know exactly the content you want to include in your story, manually feature a post by direct link.

  4. Tagboard Curate Button: Already an expert at scouring the social networks? Don't reinvent your workflow. Use our Tagboard Chrome Extension, a one-click workflow to send content directly from the networks, onto your dashboard.

  5. Tagboard Go: Don't stay tethered to a computer! Feature content using Tagboard's iOS App.

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