Building Your Playlist in Producer

Use an easy drag & drop workflow to stack your playlist with graphics, themes & panels

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When you're ready to produce using Tagboard, you'll start by building your playlist. Tagboard Producer uses a simple drag-and-drop workflow to bring elements from your Asset Library onto your playlist.

Building your Playlist

There are four types of content to produce with in your Asset Library: Themes, Tagboards, Panels and Graphics. If you don't see any content yet, head back to your Account Dashboard to get started!

Adding Themes, Panels, and Graphics to your Playlist

Let's start with Themes, Panels, and Graphics. There are two ways to load these types of content onto your playlist:

  1. Drag and drop individual items onto your playlist

  2. Use the 'plus' button to the right of an element

You also have the option to select to add multiple items to your playlist at once. Search your playlists by title or tag using the search bar at the top.

To delete an item from your playlist, click the three dots on the far right side of the element on your playlist, and select 'remove'.

To reorder elements on your Playlist, click the dots on the left side of an element, and drag and drop to reorder.

If you don't have access to Tagboard's Graphics Engine but it sounds like a feature that you could make your life easier, reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager and we'll get you setup!

Adding Social Content to your Playlist

In order to load social content from your Tagboards, you'll first need to drag & drop a Theme onto your Playlist.

Once you have a Theme on your Playlist, click the Tagboards tab in your Asset Library to access your featured social content. You can drag & drop individual posts onto a display theme to queue up your story one by one. Once social posts are on your Playlist, you can customize and reorder your Playlist by dragging & dropping individual posts at any time.

You can also drag & drop an entire Tagboard onto your theme if you want all featured content in a tagboard dashboard to populate on your display.

TIP: To get a better look at posts on your Playlist, you can expand the height of your Theme by using the slider located at the top right of your playlist. This will make each individual element on your playlist larger.

Full control of your Asset Library:

When you first launch a production, your Asset Library will be pinned open on the left side of your production. You can unpin and hide the asset library at any time, to give more room for your Playlist & Layer Editor, while you are producing live.

If the Asset Library is unpinned and hidden, you can bring it back at anytime by hovering your cursor over the left side of your production. It's a no-clicks required way to grab any content you need.

Once you have your Playlist stacked with content, you're ready for the next step:

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