To get started, click on "Smart Panels" in the left sidebar of your Account Dashboard. This is where you can access and edit existing Smart Panels, or create new ones.

Choose from the following Smart Panel options:

  • Twitter Poll: Visualize the real-time results of a native Twitter poll
  • Reddit Poll: Visualize the real-time results of a native Reddit poll
  • Hashtag Poll: Create live polls using real-time data from up to 5 unique hashtags
  • Leaderboard: A data-driven Smart Panel that showcases competing topics in real-time
  • Heatmap: a data-driven heatmap based on social data
  • Call-to-Action: Display your call-to-action over a solid background, gradient, or uploaded image
  • Graphic: Display a fullscreen graphic, with the option to quickly add attribution
  • Vimeo: Embed a video from Vimeo
  • YouTube: Embed a video from YouTube
  • Countdown Clock: Display a live countdown to a selected date and time

Using Panels in Tagboard Producer

Smart Panels integrate seamlessly into any Playlist in Tagboard Producer. To access your Smart Panels, open a production and click the Panels tab in the content panel in the upper left.

Drag & drop Panels onto your Playlist to queue up your story. You can also click the '+' on the right side to add any Panel to the bottom of your Playlist.

To take a panel live, click the 'ON-AIR' camera button to the left of the content you want to take live. The ON-AIR camera button will be red to indicate what element is currently live in your output window. Click the active ON-AIR button again to animate the Panel OFF-AIR.

You also have quick access to edit, duplicate, or delete a Panel from right within Tagboard Producer. Click on the three dots on the far right side of the Panel in your content panel.

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