To get started, click on the Smart Panels tab from your account dashboard. This is where you can access and edit existing Smart Panels, or create new ones.

Select the type of Smart Panel you wish to use: Leaderboard, Call-to-Action, Graphic, Vimeo, YouTube or Countdown Clock.

Smart Panel Options

-Leaderboard: Showcase competing trends in real-time
-Call-to-Action: Display text over a solid background, gradient, or uploaded image
-Graphic: Display a fullscreen graphic, with some basic edits
-Vimeo: Embed a video from Vimeo
-YouTube: Embed a video from YouTube
-Countdown Clock: Display a live countdown for an event, kickoff, or release

Adding Smart Panels to Your Production

Smart Panels integrate seamlessly into any timeline in Tagboard Producer. To access your Smart Panels, create a production and click the 'Smart Panels' tab in the upper left.

There are two ways to add Smart Panels to your timeline, depending on how you want your panel to be displayed in your production.

1. On a Display Theme:

Drag and drop a display theme onto your timeline. Then you can drag and drop your Smart Panel onto the theme along with any other social posts. This will display the panel in the same graphic theme that other social posts are displayed in.

2. Directly on Your Timeline:

Drag and drop a Smart Panel directly onto your timeline. If you are using the 'Play" button in Producer, this will give you the option to customize the duration of the panel and will in turn display the panel fullscreen.

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