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How to create and manage your live display output from Tagboard Producer

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When you are ready to go live, you'll need to generate an output URL so you can connect your Tagboard Producer production to a screen, your control room, or live production software.

Start by clicking 'Output(s)' in the top right corner of your production.

Connecting a Screen

You can connect a screen using a URL or a code.

To connect using a URL, start by naming your screen (ie. studio main screen or center field display) then click on the 'create display URL' button. This will automatically create a URL that you can copy & paste into another screen as your live output.

You can also connect your screen using a code on your display device. Click on the 'Connect using code' tab. Name your screen and visit tagboard.tv on your display device to generate a custom passcode unique to this screen.

Enter the unique code into Tagboard Producer to automatically connect your screen.

Your connected screens will act as a mirror of the 'live window' you see in Tagboard Producer. Any changes you make to your timeline will automatically be synced with your connected screens. Once your screens are connected, you can control everything remotely from Tagboard Producer. There is no need to refresh your connected screen display.

Tagboard Producer will remember the connected screens, so the next time you are ready to go live just click manage screens to bring the appropriate screen online.

Have questions on how to get your Tagboard story live on your screen? We've got you 💪🏼 Check out our live display technical requirements.

Final checklist before you go live 🎬

  • Check your Internet connection - the faster the better! Tagboard is all cloud-based, so we recommend at least 20mbps

  • Set the computer you are using to run your display to never go to sleep or show the screen saver

  • Enter "do not disturb" mode and disable any popups

  • Chrome is our browser of choice. If you will be using any audio from your display, configure your browser to make sure you get sound. Go to chrome://settings/content/sound. Add these websites to allow audio to play by default: https://live.tagboard.com, https://display.tagboard.com, https://producer.tagboard.com

  • Enter fullscreen mode so you don't see the toolbar. Click "View" in the top toolbar, then "Enter Full Screen". Make sure the option to "Always Show Toolbar in Full Screen Mode" is not checked.

  • Have a great show!

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