Producing Live with Tagboard Producer

How to navigate your preview & live windows, edit graphics and utilize hot keys in Tagboard Producer

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Now that your playlist is stacked with content, you're ready to go live! This guide will walk you through:

Preview & Live Windows

Every piece of content on your Playlist has a "P" and "L" icon located on the right side. Clicking on the P will send the content to your preview window. Clicking on the L will send the content to your live window (and to your output display URL!).

The most common workflow is to send a piece of content to preview first, to make sure it looks exactly the way you want, then send it live with confidence.

Producing with Themes & Tagboards

To bring a piece of social content to Preview or Live, click the P or L button, and select which social post you want to queue.

TIP: If you determine that you don't need to preview your content before you send it live, you have the ability to collapse the preview window and create more room for your playlist. Click the collapse arrows in the top right corner of the preview window.

Layer Editor

You can access your Layer Editor while you are live, to make real-time edits to your content. Click on any Theme or Graphic you want to edit, to open that element in the Layer Editor.

Graphic Editor

Click on the Graphic that you want to edit on your Playlist. This will open that Graphic in your Layer Editor. You can click on any layer to edit the text and/or media. Layers that have been marked as not editable in the template will be greyed out.

If the Graphic is already queued in the Preview or Live window, you will see the option to 'Update Preview' and/or 'Update Live' in the bottom right corner of the Layer Editor.

Theme Editor

Click on the Theme that you want to edit on your Playlist. This will open that Theme in your Layer Editor (you will see a blue border around the Theme you are editing.)

You have full control to update everything for your Theme including the title, the CTA, animation, cycle speed, background color, and background image.

TIP: The Title is what you will see on your Playlist. It can be very helpful to update the Title of your Themes & Graphics to keep your Playlist organized!

If the theme you are editing is already in your preview or live window, you will need to click 'Update Preview' or 'Update Live' in the bottom right corner of the Layer Editor.

Graphic & Panel Hot Keys

Tagboard Producer has hot keys that you can use to trigger animations for select Panels and Graphic Widgets.

Panels Hot Keys

You can add hot keys for Interactive Poll Results & Hashtag Poll to animate a winner, load, and unload the results. To start, you'll need to make sure the the option for hot keys is toggled on in the Smart Panel builder.

TIP: You can edit your Panels directly from Producer, without going back to your account dashboard. Find the Panel you want to edit in your Asset Library. Click on the three dots on the far right side, and select Edit. Note: You'll need to edit Panels from the Asset Library before you drag & drop them onto your Playlist.

Once the animation options are toggled on, click on the Panel in your Playlist. This will open the Panel Editor. You can click directly on the action you want to take, or use the indicated keyboard button. In order for the hot keys to work, you have to have that Panel highlighted on your Playlist.

Graphics Hot Keys

You can control the stop watch, timer, or countdown clock for the Graphics Timer Widget using hot keys in Tagboard Producer.

Click on the Graphic you want to edit on your playlist, so it is highlighted in blue. This will open the Graphic in the Graphic Editor. Click on the Timer widget layer to control the hot keys.

Got your Playlist stacked and ready to go live? 🎬

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