To get started, open a production in Tagboard Producer and click on the Graphics tab in the content panel in the upper left. When you click on the Graphics tab, you'll see a list of your Graphic templates. Haven't created any yet? Get started here.

Creating Graphics on your Playlist

Drag & drop graphic templates onto your playlist to queue up your story. You can also click the '+' button on the right side to automatically add a graphic to the end of your Playlist.

To edit your graphic, click on the graphic on your playlist. This will open that specific graphic in the Layer Editor to the right, but it won't take the graphic live.

TIP: Whatever element in your Playlist is currently open in the Layer Editor will be outlined in blue on the Playlist.

In the Layer Editor, you can update the Title that will be visible on your Playlist, as well as any of the editable fields in your graphics template. Darkened layers are locked and cannot be edited in this view. Highlighted layers indicate you can edit the text or image.

You can also toggle visibility of each layer on or off, by clicking the eyeball icon on the right. Hidden layers will not appear in that individual graphic. One example where this would be used is if you have a title bar with a "LIVE" or "BREAKING" bug that you may not want displayed all the time.

Any changes you make in the Layer Editor are automatically saved. The goal is to save you time (and mouse clicks!), so no need to click save. However, it's important to note that once this graphic is deleted from your Playlist, any edits you've made to the template will be lost, and unrecoverable.

TIP: If you are creating graphics that you do want to save to reuse even after the Playlist is cleared, choose the 'Saved Graphics' tab in the upper left content panel. Click the blue 'Create' button and select the template you'd like to use. This will add a Saved Graphic to your content panel that you can drag & drop onto your timeline. Saved Graphics will be marked with a blue icon. Any saved graphics can be accessed again by clicking on the 'saved' tab in your content panel.

Important Note: Graphics are tied to the production they are built in. If you delete your production, you will delete all of the saved graphics built within it! Your templates will remain.

Displaying your Graphics & Making Live Edits

To display your graphics, simply click the camera ON-AIR icon on the left side of the Playlist. When the graphic is live, the camera icon will be red. Click on the active camera icon to animate the graphic OFF-AIR.

You can access your Layer Editor to make real-time edits to your graphics, even while you are live. Click on any graphic you want to edit, to open that element in the Layer Editor.

If you make changes to a graphic in the Layer Editor while that element is currently ON-AIR , click on Update Live Screen in the bottom right corner to see your edits immediately.

If you make changes to a Theme or Graphic in the Layer Editor while that element is OFF-AIR, there is no need to click save. Your edits will automatically take effect the next time that element is taken live. When you are working with Saved Graphics, you will need to click to save any changes you make in the layer editor that you want to access later.

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