Once you've built your graphic templates, it's time to build and produce with graphics in Tagboard Producer!

To get started, create a production and click on the "Graphics" tab located in the upper left. Every production will start as a blank slate for you to add, edit, and customize new graphics using your pre-built templates. An important note: your pre-built templates are available across your entire account, in any production you create. Individual graphics are production specific, and will only be accessible on the production they are built on.

Begin by clicking the "+ New Graphic" button to select a template.

This will bring up a list of your pre-built templates to choose from. If you don't have any templates on your account, you can get started building graphic templates here. Select the template you want to add to your production.

Build Your Graphics

Start by titling your graphic so it's easy to identify within your production.

Here you will see a generic preview of the  template to help visualize which template you are customizing. 

This is a list of all of the layers available in the template. Darkened layers are locked and cannot be edited in this view. Highlighted layers indicate you can edit the text or image.

You can toggle visibility of each layer on or off, by clicking the eyeball icon on the right. Hidden layers will not appear in that individual graphic. One example where this would be used is if you have a title bar with a "LIVE" or "BREAKING" bug that you may not want displayed all the time.

When you are finished customizing your graphic, click "Save". You will see your new graphic asset on the "Graphics" tab.

Display Your Graphics

To display your graphics, simply drag and drop them onto your timeline. Click on any graphic to animate it on, then click it again to animate it off screen. (If you want to customize your animations, you can do that in the graphic template builder.) 

Tip: If you are looking for graphics that will automatically cycle through preset elements, Slideshow may be a great option for you. Slideshow allows you to build one graphic template that automatically cycles through individual slides, so you don't have to manually click to advance. Some ideas on when this is a great fit: create a lower third graphic on your programming, that automatically cycles through different headlines or titles. Or if you want to do an always-on, automated tombstone that flips through facts or stats.

Once you've built a graphic on your production, you can quickly edit, duplicate or delete, using the icons on each individual graphic preview. The pencil icon will open the graphic customization modal. The stacked papers will duplicate the graphic, to create a second version you can edit or update. The garbage can will delete your graphic from the production.

Important Note: Graphics are tied to the production they are built in. If you delete your production, you will delete all of the graphics built within it! Your templates will remain.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you have a lot of graphics on your timeline, use the search bar to filter. This is where carefully naming your graphics becomes so important!
  • If you transition between multiple graphics that use the same original template, the graphic will remain on screen, and only the text will animate.
  • You can hide layers of your graphic, that you only want to reveal at certain times. For example: a sub-headline that drops down from a topic bar. To achieve this: STEP 1: build your graphic, and toggle the visibility OFF for layers that make up the sub-headline. STEP 2: Duplicate your graphic. STEP 3: Edit the duplicated graphic, change the title, and turn the visibility ON for layers that make up the sub-headline. STEP 4: Drag & drop both graphics onto your timeline, and animate from one to the next to reveal the added sub-headline. 

Have questions on how to get your Tagboard story live on your screen? We've got you 💪🏼 Check out our live display technical requirements.

Have additional questions? Contact your Account Manager directly or email Support@tagboard.com. 

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