Reddit Polls are a great way to get your audience's opinion and bring their voice into your programming. Polls allow Reddit's more than 430 million monthly users to participate in a conversation with one click, even if they prefer not to comment. With Tagboard, you can visualize the results in a Smart Panel.

For more information on creating a Reddit poll, click here.


Start by titling your Reddit Poll Smart Panel in the upper left corner. Then you can begin to customize your real-time poll. We'll walk step-by-step through the Reddit poll builder.

Poll URL

Begin by finding the poll on Reddit that you want to visualize. Copy and paste the direct URL link for the poll into the text field. The Reddit Poll will automatically populate in the preview window.

If your poll isn't loading, the first thing to check for is when the poll was posted. Reddit updates polls and results in its API every 24 hours, so in order to visualize results, the poll must have been posted on Reddit more than 24 hours ago. If the poll was posted more than 24 hours ago and still isn't working, the Reddit Community the poll is posted in may not be supported. Reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager to get more specifics.

Layout & Styles

Once you've entered the Reddit Poll URL, you can then stylize your Smart Panel. Choose between two layout options: fullscreen or lower third.

Background Options

  • Enable Background: The background is enabled by default. If you toggle the background off, the Reddit Poll will be on a transparent background. (Tip: This is a great option if you want to drag and drop the Reddit Poll onto a display theme, to visualize in between individual social posts.)
  • Type: If the background is enabled, choose between a solid color, gradient, or select an image from your account media library.


  • Show Vote Count: Toggle on if you want to display the total number of votes on the poll. It will also display whether the poll is still open or if it has ended.
  • Show Timestamp: Toggle on to display the date and time when the poll was posted on Reddit.

Once you have customized your Reddit poll, add appropriate tags in the bottom left corner to make your Smart Panel easier to search and access. Click 'Save' in the upper right corner, and you're ready to go live with your Reddit Poll Smart Panel in Tagboard Producer!

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