Have you ever wanted an easy way to select a random featured post from a tagboard? Then you're in the right place. Because using tagboard's random content selector you can do just that. For starters make sure the feature has been enabled on your account. If you follow the steps below and don't see the option on your account, please reach out to success@tagboard.com.

When you're ready to select a random piece of featured content click on the 'Actions' button located on the right side of your tagboard. You will then see a dropdown menu where you can choose 'select contest winner'.

After clicking 'select contest winner' a box will pop up that gives you two options. You can 'select new winner' or 'view previous winners'. This is likely your first time using the random content selector, so let's go with 'select new winner'.

Clicking 'select new winner' will randomly select one of the featured posts in your tagboard. You will be able to see what post was selected, and it will automatically be placed in a new tagboard so you can easily find it. Because the winner goes into a new tagboard, we will ask you to name the tagboard and then click save.

Note: This is only pulling from your featured tab, it is not checking all posts across a content feed. So only posts you have featured are eligible to be selected.

At this point you can return to your account dashboard and you'll see the newly created tagboard that's housing the winning post.

Another way you can get to that tagboard is by clicking the actions button within the tagboard, just like we did at the start. Then choose 'select contest winner' from the dropdown menu. This time instead of clicking on 'select new winner', let's click on 'view previous winners'. Doing that will show you a list of your previous contest winners. It will show you the date it was created, who created it, and allow you to enter that tagboard, edit the title, or delete it.

A contest Tagboard will show up as a normal Tagboard on your account and in Producer as well. Therefore if you wish to visualize the winner in a Display Theme, and display it on your connect screen, you can do so.

Note: Tagboard does not host any policies or coverage around contests and sweepstakes. For any legal coverage around those activations we recommend a third party vendor. Tagboard is strictly the software that gives you the ability to select the random piece of content.

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