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Select a featured post at random from your tagboard

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Tagboard's Random Content Selector will allow you to select one featured post, at random, from a tagboard dashboard. Some great ideas for using this feature could be to select a contest winner or post of the show/game!

NOTE: If you follow the steps below and don't see the option on your account, please reach out to success@tagboard.com.

In order to use the random content selector, you'll first need featured content. If you haven't featured content yet, you can find a walkthrough of the five ways to do that here.

When you're ready to select a random piece of featured content click on the 'Actions' button located on the right side of your tagboard dashboard. Click on 'Select contest winner'.

You'll see two options in the popup: Select New Winner or View Previous Winners.

Clicking 'select new winner' will randomly select one of your featured posts. Tagboard will automatically create a new tagboard dashboard to save this post, so you can easily find & access it later. Name the contest tagboard, and click 'save'. The newly created tagboard with the winning post will be immediately accessible on your account dashboard.

Note: This is only pulling from your featured tab, it is not checking all posts across a content feed. So only posts you have featured are eligible to be selected.

Clicking 'view previous winners' will show a list of your previous content winners. It will also show the date they were selected along with access to the tagboard that houses the randomly selected post.

A contest Tagboard will show up on your account dashboard and in Producer, so you have easy access to display the randomly selected post on your connected screen.

Note: Tagboard does not host any policies or coverage around contests and sweepstakes. For any legal coverage around those activations we recommend a third party vendor. Tagboard is strictly the software that gives you the ability to select the random piece of content.

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