Getting Started with Themes

Create customized visualizations to tell your story with real-time social content.

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Themes are a visually appealing way of displaying your social content on any connected screen. To access Themes, go to your Account Dashboard then click "Themes" on the left sidebar. This will take you to your Themes Dashboard. Here you can access and edit any of your existing themes or start fresh by creating a new one.

Creating a New Theme

If you are looking to create a new theme, from the Themes Dashboard, click "+ New Theme" in the top right corner. You will see that there are currently 9 theme layouts for you to utilize. Below are explanations of the Theme layouts. Selecting one of the layouts will open the Theme Builder for you to edit the Theme.

Theme Layouts Explained


  • Show a single post at a time, with a customized background, header, and sponsor or company logo

Lower Third

  • Keyable display optimized for broadcast, live streams, and OTT; text is responsive to fit into the lower third area of the screen

Lower Third Scroll

  • Similar to the Lower Third, except text will not shrink to fit the space. Instead, text will scroll up and down, making this display optimized for viewers on second screens.


  • Fullscreen display, optimized for media


  • Keyable, text-only display optimized for broadcast, live streams, and OTT


  • Multi-post display optimized for media posts; includes the option to select an even grid or a mosaic with differently sized tiles


  • Multi-post display built to display media and text, which runs to the bottom of the display


  • Multi-post display showing social content in a vertical or horizontal carousel


  • Multi-post display that will stitch together all of your social content into one cohesive mural

Customizing Your Theme

After choosing your Theme, you will notice all sections have tooltips [hover over the "?" icon]. These tooltips explain the purpose/intent. For quick reference,

  • "Theme info" contains the title you'd save the design as for easier searchability down the road. You can also apply a tagboard [the real-time social content you've curated] as a preview for the theme layout.

  • "Styles" is where you will upload your background and sponsor/company logo as well as where you can change the font style and call-to-action text/color. Clicking the "+" icon next to each section will dropdown options to edit.

  • "Animation" will help with how frequently your real-time content rotates as well as how they will animate from one post to another.

  • "CSS" refers to a visualization that is more custom than the options allow for in the Theme Builder. Our design team would be happy to assist with these custom requests. Visualizations must follow the social network redisplay requirements; however, outside of those rules, the sky is the limit with design. Reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager to get started! Contact if you don't have a CSM or do not remember your organization's CSM.

If you've already worked with our team to build custom visualizations, the CSS tab on the left sidebar of the Theme Builder is where you can apply those custom Snippets to your Theme.

Click on 'add snippets' to view the dropdown menu that has been customized just for you. You'll see a list of every custom design the Tagboard team has previously built out in your account. Select the custom look you want to apply to your Theme.

When you select a Snippet, you are applying custom code to that visualization. Snippets can be used to customize every type of Smart Panel as well as Themes and Graphics. If you are adding a Snippet to a Theme, be sure to add a Snippet that was built for that specific type of Theme in order for the CSS to apply properly.

One important thing to note: you also have the ability to remove a Snippet, which will remove custom code from that visualization.

Don't forget to save your Theme once customized!

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