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Build a timeline that seamlessly weaves together real-time social content and Smart Panels.

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Tagboard Composer allows you to build out your story on a timeline, including real-time social content and interactive Smart Panels. Once you're ready to visualize your story...set it and forget it! When you need to make changes, update your story on the cloud from anywhere, no refresh needed.

You can access Composer directly from your Tagboard account dashboard. Click on the apps icon in the upper right hand corner, and select 'Composer'.

You can also always access Composer directly by going to composer.tagboard.com.

If this is your first time visiting Composer, you will be prompted to sign in to your Tagboard account. Once you sign in, you can click "Create a new production" or launch one of your pre-existing timelines.

Building your timeline

Click on the Tagboard dropdown to select the dashboard of featured content you want to visualize. 

The first tab on the upper left, "Social Post Themes", shows the Themes you have created on your account to visualize your story. Drag and drop the theme you want to use onto your timeline. This will automatically populate the preview window on the right using your chosen Theme, and featured content from your selected tagboard.

If you want to change the tagboard you are using to populate each Theme on your timeline, simply click directly on the Theme in your timeline to change the tagboard.

You can drag and drop multiple Themes onto your timeline, each with unique content, to produce your story. Your timeline will play out in a repeated loop.

Smart Panels

You can expand your visual storytelling capabilities with Smart Panels, to include interactive content not found on major social media networks. This can include graphics, calls to action, leaderboards, countdown clocks, Vimeo and YouTube.

Once you've created Smart Panels, click on the "Smart Panels" tab in the upper left of Composer. You will be able to access any Smart Panels built on your Tagboard account. Simply drag and drop selected Smart Panels onto your timeline.

IMPORTANT: After you make any changes, click save in the upper right corner of Composer to make sure you see those changes reflected in your story!

Launching your story

When you're ready to go live, click "Launch Display" in the upper right corner. This will launch your display in a new window. Alternatively, you can click the copy link button, to copy the display URL to your clipboard. 

Any changes you make to your timeline will automatically be synced with your connected screens, once you click "Save'. There is no need to ever refresh your display.

Have questions on how to get your Tagboard story live on your screen? We've got you 💪🏼 Check out our live display technical requirements.

Final checklist before you go live 🎬

  • Check your Internet connection - the faster the better! Tagboard is all cloud-based, so we recommend at least 20mbps

  • Set the computer you are using to run your display to never go to sleep or show the screen saver

  • Enter "do not disturb" mode and disable any popups

  • Chrome is our browser of choice. If you will be using any audio from your display, configure your browser to make sure you get sound. Go to chrome://settings/content/sound. Add these websites to allow audio to play by default:https://live.tagboard.com, https://display.tagboard.com, https://composer.tagboard.com

  • Enter fullscreen mode so you don't see the toolbar. Click "View" in the top toolbar, then "Enter Full Screen". Make sure the option to "Always Show Toolbar in Full Screen Mode" is not checked.

  • Have a great show!

Have additional questions? Contact your Account Manager directly or email Support@tagboard.com. 

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