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Tagboard Curation: Frequently Asked Questions
Tagboard Curation: Frequently Asked Questions
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Why are older posts not showing in my content feeds?

Due to social media guidelines, Tagboard cannot archive social posts. Social posts will live in your ‘Latest’ tab of Tagboard for ~(2) months.

You can prevent content from dropping off your tagboard by featuring content. Social posts that you feature will live in your ‘Featured’ tab indefinitely.

If you want to go back and feature those older posts that have been removed, you can use Tagboard's Chrome Extension and directly feature those to keep them in your featured tab. 

It looks like I'm missing social posts in my dashboard. What's wrong?

Tagboard utilizes source network public APIs to aggregate public social posts. To ensure your tagboard is receiving all of the posts your community is posting, it is important to understand a few things:

  • Tagboard only aggregates public posts. Any private posts will not aggregate to Tagboard.

  • Tagboard does not aggregate native retweets or cross posts (e.g. tweets with Instagram photos)

  • Source network API outages sometimes occur

  • Sometimes posts aren't indexed by the source networks in their search APIs; this can be related to a number of variables, including spam protection or how new an account is

My Facebook Page is connected, but I'm getting an error every time I try to feature Facebook content from my Page.

For security reasons, Facebook will expire the connection to third party apps, such as Tagboard, at random intervals. The good news is, it's a simple fix! Log in to your team's master Tagboard account, and click "Account Connections" on the left sidebar. You will see a list of Facebook Pages that you are an admin on. You can check the Status column to confirm which pages are and aren't connected. Find the Page you want to re-connect to Tagboard to feature content from. To refresh your token, click "Disconnect" then "Connect" once more. A green Status light indicates you're now you're good to go!

Why do Instagram posts say "POST UNAVAILABLE" on my tagboard dashboard?

Instagram provides Tagboard with a unique URL for each featured post to redisplay content. Instagram expires those URLs at random intervals, for privacy purposes. But it's an easy fix. Refreshing the tagboard, or in some cases re-featuring the post, provides a new URL that displays the image again. We recommend regularly opening your tagboards to keep these images online!

I'm trying to create an Instagram hashtag feed. How come it won't let me?

There are two things to look at:

  1. Instagram's API sets limitations on the total number of hashtags any user can monitor in a rolling 7-day window. Currently, that limit is 25. This limit is cumulative to any tool that uses Instagram's API, not just Tagboard.

  2. You can only create a #hashtag feed for Instagram if someone has used that #hashtag before. If it is a brand new #hashtag for an event that hasn't happened yet, try posting with the hashtag first from a public Instagram account.

If you are still questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team at support. We'll do our best to help!

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