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Connecting Social Media - Team Owner
Connecting Social Media - Team Owner

Setting up your organization's Tagboard account... connecting organizational social media accounts for team members use.

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Connecting social accounts is only needed for the team owner's Tagboard account. Doing this is what grants you and your team access to social content in Tagboard from the various social networks. Team members do not need to do this as they will inherit the organization's social connections from the team owner's Tagboard account.

STEP 1: Connect Your X Account

If you are the team owner, head to your Account Dashboard and click on 'Account Connections' located on the left sidebar. Here you'll see where you can 'connect your Twitter account'.

To finish off Step 1, you will need to authorize Tagboard to access your X account. Once 'Authorize app' has been selected you will need to input your X credentials. The 'Account Connections' page will show your X handle once the connection has been successfully made.


You may need to log out and back in

to see your handle reflected on this webpage.

STEP 2: Convert Your Instagram Account to a Business Account

If your Instagram account is already a business account, then you can skip to Step 3. For step-by-step instructions on how to convert your Instagram account click here.

STEP 3: Connect Your Facebook and Instagram Account

In order to feature Facebook comments as well as Instagram posts on Tagboard, you will first need to connect these accounts to the team owner's Tagboard account. Followed by authorizing the Facebook Page(s) you want to feature content from.

Click 'enable sign in with Facebook' to begin connecting Facebook and Instagram. You will need to sign in through your personal Facebook account, then connect an Instagram business account as well as Facebook pages you are an admin on.

Once Facebook and Instagram have been connected you will see a list of Facebook Pages you are an admin of. Click 'Connect' on the far right of the row your Facebook Page is listed on in order to make Facebook Page connections active. You'll see a green icon in the Status column when you are good to go!


Don't see your Facebook Page listed?

Confirm you are an admin on the Page!

If you have questions after or while attempting the above steps, do not

hesitate to contact with any questions!

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