Sound Not Working via Tagboard?

Is your audio not autoplaying in your output? Follow these steps to resolve the issue.

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Is your audio not playing through your output? There could be several reasons this is happening. Please follow the steps below to whitelist specific websites as well as adjust an audio setting within Tagboard Producer.


If you are not using Google Chrome, then please close out of your browser

and re-open Tagboard in Google Chrome. In order to maximize your

use of Tagboard you should be utilizing Google Chrome.

Whitelisting Tagboard Domains in Google Chrome

Copy this url 👉 chrome://settings/content/sound 👈 and paste it into your Google Chrome search bar. This will open your sound settings in Chrome:

Add the four domains below to the 'Allowed to play sound' section of your Chrome sound settings.





After you've add the four links to your "whitelist" of pages, you'll want to click on the arrow next to each. Once there, scroll down to 'Sound' and make sure it says "Allow" instead of "Automatic". Do this for each link.


For the best experience, we recommend not using Google Chrome's Incognito Mode, as the browser will ignore these settings.

Ensure Tagboard Producer Does Not Have Sound Muted

Once you've allowed the four Tagboard domains [steps above] to be whitelisted, ensure the audio has been unmuted in Producer. This button is located below your playlist and can be toggled on/off by clicking on it.


Even if no audio is the preference of a Tagboard output, following these steps will provide the option to mute/unmute the production from within Producer.

If you've followed all of the steps above and are still having issues with audio,

then please do not hesitate to contact us at

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