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Converting Social Login to Email Login
Converting Social Login to Email Login

Signing in to Tagboard via social will go away soon. Here's the process for switching to email sign in.

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Tagboard will soon no longer support logins via Facebook or X, formerly Twitter, in order to enhance your login experience. The expectation is for all users to have their own login [a unique email address and password] for Tagboard. Please follow the process below to convert your current Tagboard account from social login to email login. No need to create a new Tagboard account!

If you're signed in to Tagboard already, then skip to Step 3.


Visit Tagboard's Log In page and select 'Continue with Twitter' or 'Continue with Facebook' depending on the social network you initially created your account with.


Input your Facebook or Twitter credentials to login. After doing so, you should be prompted to input an email address and password. The email address and password you use will become your new primary login for Tagboard.


This process may take up to a couple minutes for it to take effect on your 'My Profile' page. Refreshing the webpage should help if you're not seeing the change right away. You may need to log out and back in if waiting a couple minutes and refreshing the webpage did not help.

If you automatically received a prompt to input an email address and password, then your account has been converted to email login and you will not need to go any further. You will need to continue on to Steps 3 and 4 (below) IF you logged in via social and did not receive a prompt to input an email address and password.


From your Account Dashboard,

  • select 'My Profile'

  • then click 'Switch to Email login'


Follow the prompts on-screen by adding an email address and password in order to convert your account from social login to email login

  • Note: this will be your primary login moving forward

❓ FAQs ❓

What if I am seeing "Social Login Now Discontinued"

You would be seeing this because you've already converted your account from social login to email. If you do not recall the email used, then email and let the Support team know your social handle as well as an email address(es) you may have used for an expedited resolution.

What will happen to my existing social connections?

Your existing connections will still exist. They will work just as they did before converting your Tagboard account from social login to email login.

What if I don't complete this in time?

The email associated with your primary social network login for Tagboard will become the email address you use to access your Tagboard account. Refer to the 'My Profile' tab to see the current email address.

Will other team members need to do this?

If other team members on the account were already signing in via email, then no. They will continue to use their email to log into the account. However, if team members on your account have been logging in via social, then each of them will need to convert their account also.

If everyone was using one login, then the team owner should send each team member an email invite to create an account and join Tagboard. This can be done by visiting the 'Teams' module on the left side panel. A team owner would be able to see an 'Email invites' section under 'Teams'. After inputting an email address, select 'Invite' and that team member will have 24 hours to accept the invite to join your Tagboard team.

Please contact if you are experiencing any issues inviting team members to your Tagboard team. One of our team members will be able to assist.

Why am I not receiving an email to reset my password?

There may be a different email than desired connected to the account. Please email with the social handle you used to login with previously and any email address(es) you think the account would be under. This information will expedite the password reset process.

Why can't I see the email address I used for logging in within 'My Profile'?

In order to see this, you will need to refresh your webpage. This change should then be seen.

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