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How to upload, manage, and use custom fonts in your Graphic Templates

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To access your fonts, Click on 'Media Library' on the left side of your Account Dashboard, and select the 'Fonts' tab. Here you will be able to upload custom fonts, and access and manage your existing ones. Custom Fonts can be applied on any text element in a Graphic Template.

Uploading a Font

From the Media Library, select 'Upload Font' and choose your custom font from your computer. You can also drag & drop a font file right onto your dashboard.

Tagboard can support TTF, OTF, WOFF, or WOFF2 font files. The max file size is 5MB.

If you click to select a font, you will be able to retitle, tag, and delete fonts in the right sidebar.

Important note: If you delete a font that is currently being used in a Graphic text element, the text will be reset back to the default font.

Using a Font

Custom fonts can be applied to Text layers on any Graphic Template. If you've already uploaded a font, you will see it as an option in the font dropdown in the Graphic Template builder.

You also have the option to click 'Manage Fonts' to upload a new font directly from the Graphic Template builder.

Important Note: If a Tagboard CSM has already helped you apply a custom font to a text element via CSS, you will need to delete the existing text element and create a new one to apply your custom uploaded font. The custom font field will not override the CSS.

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