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Add an interactive QR code to your Graphics Template

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The QR Code widget allows you to add an interactive QR code to any Tagboard graphics template. Never used a QR code before? Think of it like a two-dimensional barcode, that can be scanned by the majority of smartphones! Viewers just need to open the camera app and point their phone at the QR code, to pull up an instant link to virtually any website.

To get started, insert a QR Code widget into your graphic. Click on the layer in your graphic builder to open all of the individual customization options.

On the right side of your screen you can start by customizing the size and placement of your QR code.

Next, enter the URL you want the QR Code to take your users to when it's scanned. Need some creative inspiration? Your URL could take viewers to a second-screen livestream experience, to vote in a poll on your website, or to a sponsored activation! Tip: you can use a short link, such as Bitly, to create your QR code to help track performance.

Once you've created the URL destination of your QR code, you can stylize the QR Code, including the background color, dot color, and the option to add a logo to the center of the QR Code.

Before you're finished, we recommend pulling out your cell phone and testing the QR Code to ensure it works exactly the way you envisioned. If you're all set, click Save in the upper right corner.

Once you're done with your graphic template, you're ready to go live!

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