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Graphics Widget: Date/Time
Graphics Widget: Date/Time

Create a dynamic date and time layer to your graphics

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The Date/Time allows you to add a dynamic layer to your graphics, that will automatically update with custom-formatted date and time elements.

To get started, insert a Date/Time widget into your graphic. Click on the layer in your graphic to open all of the individual customization options.

On the right side of your screen you can customize the size and placement, font and style, text shadow, and animation. The customization options are primarily the same as any other text layer in your graphic (you can find a full breakdown of each customization option here); the big difference with Date/Time is the option to customize the display format.

You can choose from 11 built-in display options in the dropdown menu, or check the 'custom format' box if you need something more specific.

You can see all of the options available in this formatting documentation. Select the 'unit' you want to use, and enter the 'pattern' in the Tagboard graphics builder. If you have additional questions on building a custom date or time format, reach out to your dedicated client success manager.

Once you're done with your graphic template, you're ready to go live!

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