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You can now authorize and log in to your Tagboard account using an email address. For those who already have accounts setup with social logins, we encourage you to switch to email authorization at your earliest convenience, with the option to make things more secure using multi-factor authentication. To jump ahead in this guide, click the option below that best suits your situation:

Switching From Social Authentication to Email

The next time you sign in to Tagboard, you will see the option to "continue with your email". We want everyone to make this change, as it will be the most secure way to setup your account.

If you're not already logged in to Tagboard, select 'Continue with Twitter or 'Continue with Facebook' to login with your current social login.

Note: We will soon be depreciating support for Twitter and Facebook authentication. We understand the next time you login you might be up against a deadline and it may not be the right time to make the change! So we're giving everyone a little time. But we ask that you please make the change to email at your earliest convenience.

Once you're logged in, click on 'My Profile' on the left side of your Account Dashboard. Click the 'Switch to Email login' button to start the quick process.

Next you will be prompted to create a username and add the email address you want to use to authorize your account. Once you transition and create this you must use email & password to login moving forward. You will no longer be able to login with social credentials after transitioning.

Once you have successfully made the transition to email authentication, your 'My Profile' tab will look similar to the image below. On this page, you can change your display name, edit your avatar and also opt into multi-factor authentication. This is also where you can reset your password, if necessary.

Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication

Once you have made the switch to email, you will have the option to add multi-factor authentication. We encourage you to take this step to ensure your account has the highest level of security.

  • Click on the 'My Profile' tab located on your main account dashboard

  • Under the 'Additional Security' section, check the box to enable multi-factor authentication

  • After doing this it will sign you out and you will need to re-login to your account

  • When logging back in you will be prompted to secure your account using an authenticator app. You can also secure your account using SMS with your cell phone. To go that route, click 'Try another method'.

Securing via an Authenticator App

  • Once logged in, use your cell phone to scan the QR code. To do this you will need to download an authenticator app of your choice (google authenticator, etc.)

  • Once that is completed, enter the one-time code from the app and click continue

  • You will receive a recovery code. Copy this recovery code and keep it somewhere safe. You’ll need it if you ever need to login without your device

Securing via SMS with Cell Phone

  • Start by clicking 'Try another method'

  • You will be prompted to enter your cell phone number to complete multi-factor authentication

Important Note: Once multi-factor authentication is activated anytime you login you will be asked to enter the code from your authenticator app or the passcode sent to your cell phone from your SMS setup.

For ADMIN Managing the Main Tagboard Account

If you are managing the main Tagboard account for your team, you will need to still make sure Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are linked to the account to enable access to real-time social content. To check your account connection status, click on the 'Account Connections' tab that will be located just below your 'My Profile' tab on the Tagboard Account.

Note: This only needs to be done on the main tagboard account, team member accounts do not have to go through the process of connecting their individual social accounts.

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