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Visualize the real-time results from your first-party digital polls

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Interactive Polls are a great way to drive instant, one-click interaction and harness the voice of your audience. The next step is to build a cross-channel experience for your viewers, by visualizing the real-time results of that digital poll on air, on a livestream, or on any connected screen.

You're probably here because you've already created your Interactive Poll panel, and you have it embedded in a digital experience on your website or mobile app. If you haven't done that yet, we'll walk you through that first over here.


Start by titling your Interactive Poll Results Smart Panel the upper left corner of the builder. Then you can begin to customize the design.


Select the poll you want to display the real-time results for. You will see all of your Interactive Poll panels in the dropdown menu. This will automatically populate your poll options. Each option gives you the flexibility to customize the fill color, text color, and custom avatar.


You have the option to choose between a fullscreen (default) and lower third layout, plus the following customizations:

  • Option font: choose from a number of fonts from the dropdown menu

  • Text style: option to select bold or italicized text

  • Unit: percentage or count

  • Avatar: show or hide the unique avatars for each poll option

  • Avatar style: square or circle

  • Avatar size: Fit (image will be resized to fit within the image placeholder size constraints) or Fill (image will be maximized to fill the image placeholder space)

CTA & Background

Call to Action

  • CTA: By default, the call to action (poll question) will always be shown. You can manually toggle this off.

  • Font: choose from a number of fonts from the dropdown menu for the call to action

  • Color: select a color for the call to action text

  • Text style: option to bold or italicize the call to action

  • Alignment: left, center, or right-align the call to action

  • Chroma key (lower third only): if you've chosen a Lower Third, you can customize the chroma key color

  • Enable background: by default, the background is enabled. You have the option to toggle this off to use a transparent background.

  • Type: if the background is enabled, choose from a solid, gradient, image, or video background

QR Code

You can add a QR code to your Panel to give your viewers and fans an easy way to get to the poll to participate.

To display a QR code, toggle the "Show QR Code" on and type in your desired URL. You have the ability to choose a background color (by default it will be transparent) and dot color.


You can activate hotkey animations to make your interactive poll results more dynamic. Note: These hotkeys will be interactive on your connected display. It will not be interactive within the Producer preview.

Live Update

This will be on by default to ensure you get real-time results, no refresh needed (and we highly recommend keeping this setting toggled on!). The Interactive Poll results are updated every 5 seconds.


When the 'Winner' animation is toggled on, you can click 'W' on your connected screen to animate the winner of the poll. You have the ability to customize the text that animates with the winner animation, and choose whether or not to display the fireworks animation.


When the 'Load' animation is toggled on, your interactive poll will load with no data displayed, and all poll options will be at 0%. When you click 'L' on the connected screen, the results will animate.


When the 'Unload' animation is toggled on, you can click 'U' to trigger the interactive poll to return to the start of the poll, with no data displayed and all poll options at 0%.


Once you have customized your interactive poll results panel in the builder, add appropriate tags in the bottom left corner to make your Smart Panel easier to search and access.

Snippets (optional)

If you need a visualization that is more custom than the options allow for in the Smart Panel Builder, the Tagboard team is happy to help! Reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager to get started.

If you've already worked with our team to build custom visualizations, the Snippets tab on the left sidebar of the builder is where you can apply those customizations to your Smart Panel.

Click on 'add snippets' to view the dropdown menu that has been customized just for you. You'll see a list of every custom design the Tagboard team has already built out for you. Select the custom look you want to apply to your Interactive Poll Results Smart Panel.

When you add a Snippet, you are applying custom code to that visualization. Snippets can be used to customize every type of Smart Panel, as well as Themes and Graphics. If you are adding a Snippet to an Interactive Poll Results Smart Panel, be sure to add a Snippet that was built for that specific type of Panel in order for the CSS to apply properly. One important thing to note: you also have the ability to remove a Snippet, which will remove custom code from that visualization.

Click 'Save' in the upper right corner, and you're ready to go live with your Poll Results in Tagboard Producer!

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