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Interactive Polls are a great way to drive instant, one-click interaction and harness the voice of your audience.

How does it work?

Each poll works like a multiple choice question, with up to 50 potential options.

  1. First, we'll walk you through customizing a poll in the Interactive Poll builder.

  2. That poll will be embedded in a digital experience, on your website or in your mobile app. This is where users can interact with simple, one-click voting.

  3. Finally, let's visualize the poll results. We'll walk you through creating an Interactive Poll Results Panel to show the real-time results on air, on your livestream, or any connected screen. Real-time results are updated every 5 seconds.

Building an Interactive Poll

Start by titling your Interactive Poll in the upper left corner of the builder. Then you can begin to customize your first-party poll.

Poll Data

Start with a prompt. This is the poll question your users will see.

Add up to 50 poll options. You will have the ability to stylize each option individually, including the color of the bar, the font color, and upload a custom avatar.

Next, set the start & end time of your poll. Polls can run for a maximum of 30 days. If a poll is embedded in a digital experience but the start date is still in the future, users will not be able to cast votes.

By default, the poll status will be visualized. This includes whether the poll is open/closed, how many days are remaining, and the total number of votes. If you prefer not to visualize this data, you can toggle the poll status off.

You have total control to customize the post-vote message. This is the message that users will see after they have voted in your poll. This could include a call to action to tune into your livestream or broadcast to see the final poll results! If you are using the Interactive Poll to run a trivia campaign, you could include the correct answer to the question in the post-vote message.

The analytics will constantly update throughout the duration of your poll, so you can return to this Smart Panel builder at any time to get updated data. Tagboard will provide the total number of votes, as well as a breakdown of votes by option.

NOTE: To ensure your votes are all coming from real users (#nobots🤖), users can vote on each poll once per device. After a user has voted in an Interactive Poll, they will see the updated results any time they return to the website where the poll is embedded.

You have the option to clear votes at any time. This will allow users to vote on the given poll again. It will also clear all analytics and vote totals to 0.


Now it's time to stylize your Interactive Poll. You have the following options:

Poll Prompt

  • Font: choose from a number of fonts from the dropdown menu

  • Color: update the color of the prompt text

  • Text Style: option to select bold or italicized text

  • Alignment: left, center, or right-align the prompt

Poll Options

  • Font: choose from a number of fonts from the dropdown menu

  • Text Style: option to select bold or italicized text
    (Note: each option's text color can be adjusted individually in the Poll Data section of the builder)

Poll Winner Colors

  • Use different colors for the winner: when this option is toggled on, your poll will use different text & fill colors to differentiate the winner once the poll is closed

Poll Status & Post-Vote Message:

  • Font: choose from a number of fonts from the dropdown menu

  • Color: update the color of the poll status & post-vote message

  • Text Style: option to select bold or italicized text


  • Enable background: by default, the background is enabled. You have the option to toggle this off to use a transparent background. When the background is disabled, the poll will overlay directly on the background of your website.

  • Type: if the background is enabled, choose from a solid, gradient, image, or video background

Snippets (optional)

If you need a visualization that is more custom than the options allow for in the Smart Panel Builder, the Tagboard team is happy to help! Reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager to get started.

If you've already worked with our team to build custom visualizations, the Snippets tab on the left sidebar of the builder is where you can apply those customizations to your Smart Panel.

Click on 'add snippets' to view the dropdown menu that has been customized just for you. You'll see a list of every custom design the Tagboard team has already built out for you. Select the custom look you want to apply to your Interactive Poll Smart Panel.

When you add a Snippet, you are applying custom code to that visualization. Snippets can be used to customize every type of Smart Panel, as well as Themes and Graphics. If you are adding a Snippet to an Interactive Poll Smart Panel, be sure to add a Snippet that was built for that specific type of Panel in order for the CSS to apply properly. One important thing to note: you also have the ability to remove a Snippet, which will remove custom code from that visualization.


Once you have customized your interactive poll in the builder, add appropriate tags in the bottom left corner to make your Smart Panel easier to search and access.

Click 'Save' in the upper right corner, and you're ready to embed your poll in you digital experience!

Embedding an Interactive Poll

Once you've created an Interactive Poll, it's time to embed that poll digitally, so your users can interact with one-click voting. Click on 'Embeds' on the left rail of your Tagboard Dashboard. In the upper right corner select '+ new embed'.

Title & Description

Start by titling your embed and adding a description. The title and description are not externally visible; it's just to help you stay organized.


Under Type, select Panel. (The other options are specific to visualizing individual pieces of social content. If you've never created a Tagboard Digital Experience, you can learn more about getting started here!)


Select the Interactive Poll Panel you want to embed on your website or in your mobile app.

Click to Save your embed. When you save your embed, Tagboard will automatically generate a code so you can embed the Poll on your website/mobile app. To make things simpler for you, we made sure this embed code will never change. When you make any changes to the poll, we automatically update the embed on our end so you do not need to update your website.

Ready to go live with your Interactive Poll Results? Get started with an Interactive Poll Results Panel, that you can use in Tagboard Producer!

Need more assistance? Contact your Account Manager directly or email

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