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A simple workflow to feature Facebook content in Tagboard

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In Tagboard you have the ability to create a real-time feed of Facebook content, so you always have access to curate and display content from your authorized Facebook Pages.

You will have access to feature Facebook content & comments from any Facebook Pages that are authorized on Tagboard. To check which Pages are authorized on your account, login to your master Tagboard account, go to your Account Dashboard, and select "Account Connections" on the left side. Make sure any Pages you wanted to feature comments from are connected. If you need to authorize your Facebook Page, we'll walk you through it step-by-step.

Create a Content Feed

Start by creating a Tagboard dashboard where you'd like to aggregate your Facebook content. Click 'add new feed'. Select Facebook and Business Page. Next, title your content Feed and search for one of your authorized Pages.

You have the ability to activate 'auto-feature' if you want all Facebook Posts from this page to be automatically curated. You can also set additional search parameters including safe search, post type, and required, blocked, or conditional keywords.

Once you have set your search criteria, click 'Save feed'.

Your Facebook Content Feed will automatically start pulling in Facebook content that meets your search criteria from the point you create it, moving forward. Content feeds will not go retroactively aggregate content, so we highly recommend setting up content feeds for all of your Facebook Pages, to run indefinitely.

Feature Facebook Content

Once you've setup your Content Feed, there are 3 ways to feature Facebook content:

Feature Facebook Posts

You can feature Facebook Posts by clicking the 'Feature Post' checkmark in the upper left corner of each individual post.

Feature Comments Within the Modal

To feature individual comments left on Facebook posts, click on the post to open the post modal. On the right side, you will see a real-time feed of comments. Each individual comment will have its own 'feature' button in the upper right corner. This will work on Facebook Posts, as well as Facebook Lives. You can control when comments come into view while you're live by clicking on 'Load More Comments'.

Track Post Comments

You also have the ability to create a real-time feed of comments from a specific Facebook Post or Facebook Live. Creating a feed will give you the flexibility to auto-feature comments, or add additional filter layers such as a required hashtag or blocked keywords.

To get started, click on the post you want to track comments on to open the post modal. Select 'track comments' in the upper left corner. This will open a new modal to edit your search criteria.

Customize your settings, and click 'Save Feed.' Your Facebook Comment feed will now be available as a Content Feed on this dashboard.

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