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A one-click workflow to launch your visualization

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Once you've featured content on your moderation dashboard, you're ready to visualize your story! 

Click "display" in the upper right of your moderation dashboard.

This will bring up a list of your pre-built Themes to choose from. If you haven't built any Themes, you can get started by clicking here.  

Find the Theme you want to use, and click "Launch"! This will automatically launch your story in a new tab on your browser. You can use that URL on whatever machine you are using to run Tagboard, there is no need to be logged in.

Have questions on how to get your Tagboard story live on your screen? We've got you 💪🏼 Check out our live display technical requirements.

Final checklist before you go live 🎬

  • Check your Internet connection - the faster the better! Tagboard is all cloud-based, so we recommend at least 20mbps

  • Set the computer you are using to run your display to never go to sleep or show the screen saver

  • Enter "do not disturb" mode and disable any popups

  • Chrome is our browser of choice. If you will be using any audio from your display, configure your browser to make sure you get sound. Go to chrome://settings/content/sound. Add these websites to allow audio to play by default:

  • Enter fullscreen mode so you don't see the toolbar. Click "View" in the top toolbar, then "Enter Full Screen". Make sure the option to "Always Show Toolbar in Full Screen Mode" is not checked.

  • Have a great show!

Have additional questions? Contact your dedicated Client Success Manager directly or email Support@tagboard.com.

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