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Perform ad hoc and rapid-fire searches on Twitter, filtering by keyword, @handle, #hashtag, and location.

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Twitter Search allows you to perform ad hoc and rapid fire searches on Twitter, filtering by keyword, @handles, and of course, #hashtags.

To launch Twitter Search, click the "Search" tab in the upper left of your moderation dashboard.

The search bar accepts to 10 terms at once. Use the spacebar to lock in a search term.

Conditional Searching 

By default, terms are required, and posts will only show if they contain every required term.

Beginning a term with a "+" makes it a conditional term. Posts shown will contain at least one conditional term.

In the example search below, the term "Super Bowl" is required, so Tagboard will search for posts with that term and any one of the three following hashtags.

Enter a location in the search bar on the right to limit your results to a specific location. Locations can be anything from a country, to a state, city, and even specific venues. Anything in Google’s location database. 🔍

Note: Location searches may significantly limit results. Given individual privacy concerns, the majority of content created on social networks does not include location information.

Filtering your results

Select the filter button on the right of the search bar to filter your results by post type (photo, video, and text), safe search, or verified users to only include blue checkmark accounts.  

Featuring Content from Twitter Search

Tagboard gives you the tools to moderate your content, to ensure only safe, approved content ends up on your programming. To feature or approve a post, click on the checkmark Feature Post button in the upper left of each post.

You can click on the "Featured" tab on the upper left of your moderation dashboard, to view all of your approved content. These are the social posts that will potentially end up on your visual story.

Got your featured content and ready to go live? 🎬

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