STEP 1: Create your account

Click the button to log in or sign up for your new Tagboard account. You will sign in to Tagboard using Twitter or Facebook. Selecting one of the options will direct you to that network's authorization page. If you've successfully signed in to the network, you'll be asked to authorize Tagboard as an external app.

Facebook only allows personal accounts to connect with apps like Tagboard, and Facebook Pages do not have separate logins that can be utilized to sign in to Tagboard.

Our Posting Policy

Tagboard will never post directly to external social profiles without your expressed consent and request. Visit our Legal page for more about our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Once you have created your account, contact your dedicated Client Success Manager to get everything activated!

STEP 2: Connect your social accounts

First, go to your Tagboard Dashboard and click on "Account Connections" in the left sidebar. Select, Enable Sign in with Facebook. You will be brought to Facebook to log in. 

The next step is to make sure your Instagram account is a Business Profile, and it is connected to your Facebook Page. For step-by-step instructions on how to do this, click here.

STEP 3: Authorize your Facebook Page on Tagboard

In order to feature Facebook comments on Tagboard, you will first need to authorize the Facebook Page you want to feature comments from.

To do this, click on "Account Connections" on the left side of your dashboard. You will see a list of Facebook Pages you are an admin of.

Click to connect to any Facebook Pages your personal account is associated with and you want the ability to feature content from.

Don't see your Facebook Page listed? Confirm you are an admin on the Page! 

You can check out more information on connecting additional Facebook Pages here.

STEP 4: Add Team Members

Now that you've setup your master Tagboard account, let's get access for the rest of your team 💪🏼 Click on "Teams" on the left side of your dashboard. Enter the email for team members who you want to grant access to your Tagboard account, and click Invite.

Team members will get an invitation link that is active for 24 hours, to setup their own logins.

Now that your account is up & running, let's start building your story!

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