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We'll walk you through setting up your Tagboard account, connecting your social media accounts, and adding any team members.

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STEP 1: Create your account

Click the button to log in or sign up for your new Tagboard account. When viewing login page click on the 'Sign up' button at the bottom of the page and you'll be directed to create your account.

Here you will sign up for Tagboard using your email and a unique password. Once you continue you will receive an email from Tagboard that you must go open to verify your account.

Once you have signed in you have the option to set up multi-factor authentication for the highest level of security. For step-by-step instructions on how to opt in, click here.

You can also navigate to the 'My Profile' tab located on the left sidebar of your Account Dashboard. Here we give you the option to edit your display name and avatar.

You have completed the first step in setting up your account! Contact or your dedicated Client Success Manager to get everything activated!

STEP 2: Connect your social accounts

Connecting your social accounts is only needed for the main Tagboard account. Doing this is what grants you access to content from the various social networks. Team members don't need to do this as long as they're added to your organizations Tagboard Account.

Head to your Account Dashboard and click on 'Account Connections' located on the left sidebar. Here you'll see where you can 'connect your Twitter account' and 'enable sign in with Facebook'.

Once you have those connected the next step is to make sure your Instagram account is a Business Profile, and it is connected to your Facebook Page. For step-by-step instructions on how to do this, click here.

STEP 3: Authorize your Facebook Page on Tagboard

In order to feature Facebook posts & comments on Tagboard, you will first need to authorize the Facebook Page you want to feature content from.

To do this, click on "Account Connections" on the left sidebar of your account dashboard. You will see a list of Facebook Pages you are an admin of.

Click to connect to any Facebook Pages your personal account is associated with and you want the ability to feature content from. You'll see a green icon in the Status column when you are good to go!

Don't see your Facebook Page listed? Confirm you are an admin on the Page! 

You can check out more information on connecting additional Facebook Pages here.

STEP 4: Add Team Members

You can grant Tagboard access to anyone on your team by inviting them via email. This must be done from the main Tagboard account.

  1. Click on "Teams" on the left sidebar of your account dashboard.

  2. Enter the email for team members who you want to grant access to your Tagboard account.

  3. Click Invite.

Team members will get an invitation link to setup their own Tagboard login. The invitation link will be active for 24 hours, for security reasons. If the invite is not accepted during that time, you will need to resend the invitation.

If your organization already uses Tagboard and you are trying to gain team member access, contact your organization's Tagboard admin!

Now that your account is up & running, let's start building your story! Step 1 is to design your look. You can get started with:

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