Create Theme

First, navigate to Themes from your Account Dashboard. Here you can edit existing Themes or create new ones.

Theme Info

For each Theme you have various customizations such as Theme info, Layout, Styles and Animation.

Here you can change the title of the theme along with the maximum number of posts that will cycle through your display.


Depending on the theme style chosen, you'll have the option to change the layout of the social posts. You can choose the layout that coincides with the screen ratio for your display.



Here you have the have the ability to change font and color, add a background image or even upload a video from your Media Library. You can also select the Darken Background option to make the image you choose darker.

Call to Action

You can edit your Call-to-action by selecting a CTA Template, adding a company logo, and changing the text and color. Additionally, you can also switch the social icons styles and colors.


Customize how your social posts are displayed by choosing a color theme for you social posts. You can also turn off media captions if you want to just show the photos and videos.


Under Advanced you can change the spacing between posts by selecting Gutter Size. Here, you can also change the number of columns in which the social displays.

Interaction Mode

Turn on this mode if you want to touch or click to interact with the posts.


Choose how your posts are animated on your display. You can set the cycle speed in this section as well.

Chroma Key

For certain themes like Lower Third and Ticker, options for the chroma key will be under Styles. From here you can change the color of the chroma key.

5. Save and launch your display!

Quick Tip!

To integrate logos into your Hashtag Battle Live Display, make sure the image file is a .png with a transparent background (vector image file) in 200x200 pixel dimensions.

For Interstitials and background videos, don’t forget to take into account the screen ratio of the screen that your display will be shown on. If your screen is a standard 16:9 screen, your graphic or video should be created with the same ratio. If your screen is a vertical 9:16 screen, then your interstitials should be created for that ratio.

For Lower Third Displays, the Interstitial is confined to the active space, so be sure create your graphic or video in the same dimension as your Lower Third and within your safe zone. By default, the height is 30% of the display height. (Ex: in a 1920x1080 display, the Lower Third dimensions are 1920x324).

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