Blocking a post or user

Don't worry, unwanted content can be removed from your feeds by blocking individual posts or accounts!

  • To block a post or user, first select the post you want to block, then in the top right-hand corner of the post click the "More Options" icon.
  • Once "More Options" has been selected, choose either "Block this Post" or "Block this user's Posts".
  • If you accidentally block a user or block a post, you can easily get it back.

Unblocking a Post

  • When you select the "x" any posts that you have blocked will display as a grayed out post and the block icon at the top of the post will appear red.
  • Simply click the red "UNDO" link and the post will become unblocked

Unblocking a User

  • When you select the silhouette icon with the block symbol from the filter drop down, the usernames of any blocked users will appear above the posts
  • Simply click the red silhouette icon for the user you want to block, and the user will become unblocked


  • There is no limit to the number of blocked posts.
  • Blocked users is limited to 30. If you unblock a 31st user, the oldest user that you blocked, will automatically become unblocked.

Returning to your Standard Tagboard view

  • To return to the normal Tagboard view, click the "Filter" label from the toolbar again.
  • Then click the block post and block user icon from the drop down menu and the blocked posts and blocked users will become hidden from view.

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