A Graphic Smart Panel will allow you to display fullscreen graphics with the option to easily add attribution, no editing or rendering required! 

Start by titling your panel, then click "Choose Image".

Select an existing image from your Media Library or drag and drop a new image onto the screen to upload a new asset. You can also click on the GIF tab in the upper left, to search for a GIF, powered by GIPHY.

The Smart Panel builder allows you to stylize your Graphic panel in the following ways:

  • Image size: Choose to zoom the image to fill your set screen size or maintain the original aspect ratio of the image
  • Show Background: If your image does not fill the entire panel, choose whether to show a solid color or custom gradient in the background
  • Show Image Attribution: Easily include a customized courtesy for your image, and configure the placement anywhere on screen

Add tags to your panel to make it easier to search for in your Smart Panels tab. When you are finished customizing your panel, click "Save" in the upper right corner.

Need more assistance? Contact your Account Manager directly or email Support@tagboard.com. 

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