Adding Instagram Hashtags Feeds

In order to use Instagram Hashtags Feeds you must first make sure you've connected your Business Instagram account to a Facebook Page

After you've connected your social accounts, navigate to the specific tagboard settings by clicking the Settings gear button. Click the Social Feeds tab on the left, and you will see a similar screen as shown. Enter the hashtag you wish to track and click Add.

In addition to Hashtags Feeds, you can also add user feeds from the same settings page. Scroll down to your Featured tab feeds and search for users. 

Note that content from these feeds will be featured directly to your tagboard.

Instagram Content Limitations 

Instagram's API sets limitations on the total number of hashtags any user can monitor in a rolling 7-day window. Currently, that limit is 25 in Tagboard.

Instagram does not provide user data in their hashtag API. This means Instagram posts In your Latest tab will not include the user handle or location information.

In order to Feature Instagram posts with the username included, you will need to use the Tagboard Chrome Extension, or the Load Post via URL tools off of Instagram directly. If you are monitoring posts in your Latest tab, and easy way to do this is to click on the time stamp of the Instagram post, which will open a new tab directly to the post.

From here, you can Feature the post with the username included using either method. We recommend setting a default tagboard on your Chrome Extension and using that to simplify your workflow.

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