Create a tagboard

  • Go to the top right hand corner and click on the "+" button to create a tagboard.

#Hashtag - Choose a hashtag that you want to automatically aggregate content into your "Latest tab" of your tagboard. This initial hashtag will also show on your live displays.

Description - Enter a description of what social media topics you will add to this tagboard, and where you will use this tagboard (e.g. 5pm news, web embed, breaking news, etc).

Account - If available, choose your station's Tagboard Account (e.g. KING 5 News)

• You're ready! Press the blue "Create tagboard" button

Team Member Tagboard Creation

Note that if you are signed in as a Team Member to a master Tagboard account, you will need to make sure you select that master account from the dropdown at the top.

Need more assistance? Contact your Account Manager directly or email 

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